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My children back pain

Health counseling description:
Child is now three and a half, and shouted back pain for half a year, back pain location the armpit just below the the waist soft tissues (is probably kidney area) every night before going to bed with the morning wake up shouting, more powerful, and sometimes wake up at night shouting back pain, I had to help him, rub before do not cry, do not cry to play during the day when the basic, accompanied by the phenomenon of nocturnal enuresis and bedwetting (very normal to start from the age of one), daytime urine, stool often not forming checked urine, done Pancreatic the splenorenal B super, no problem. Ask the experts: the child in the end how are you? Nephropathy, or kidney or other problems? Look forward to reply in detail.
Kidney disease doctor:
Hello, If the check is no problem, then you do not have to worry too much about children with with SHENLINGBAISHU scattered.

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