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Kidney patients, the prevalence of more than four years, renal atrophy

Experts: Hello! My daughter-in-law is kidney patients are sick for more than four years, B-ultrasound kidneys has been shrinking phenomenon, the renal decompensated now. I'm really worried, oral administration of a variety of drugs, the effect is very bad, to return disappointed every time I ask which hospital to treat the disease? How to treat in order to achieve the best results? Can completely cure? The cure rate is how much? How long will the treatment take? Experts to help answer for flu! Thank you! B-ultrasound: left kidney 8.0 * 3.3cm, right kidney 8.3 * 3.9cm, cysts 9 * 9mm, smaller renal volume, cortical echo, renal blood flow is sparse, diffuse lesions kidneys. PRO +2 1.0g / L urea nitrogen creatinine 158.7 uric acid 424.9 9.30 24-hour urinary protein excretion 1.02 investigation on January 6, 2005 The following is a routine blood test report card: the WBC white blood cell lymphocyte count 9.10 LYM # 3.5 MON # intermediate cells count 0.6 GRA # neutrophil count 5.10 LYM% lymphocyte ratio 38.1 MON% intermediate cells ratio 6.20 GRA% neutrophils ratio 55.70 RBC red blood cells 3.7 HGB Hemoglobin 102 HCT hematocrit, mean corpuscular volume of 36.00 PCT platelets 116 MCV 97.0 MCH mean corpuscular hemoglobin content of 27.5 MCHC 283 RDW mean hemoglobin concentration urine test single erythrocyte average width of 14 January 6, 2005: Color: light yellow transparency: clear urobilinogen + - 3.4umol / L specific gravity 1.010 pH 7.0 protein +1 0.3g / L 2005 January 6 blood biochemical investigation report card: TP total protein 73.0g / L, ALB albumin 47.6 g of a / L, A / G white ball ratio of 1.9, GLB globulin 25.4g / L, BUN blood urea nitrogen 9.82umoI / L / L, and UA cyanurate, CREA creatinine 174.0umoI 380umoI / L, TG triglyceride 1.41mmoI / L, TC total cholesterol 3.60mmol/LK serum potassium 4.00mmoI / L, Na serum sodium 140.0mmoI in / L, CI, serum chloride 100.0 mmoI / L, CA serum total calcium 2.50, CO2cp of carbon dioxide combining power 22.4
How do want to help: thank the doctors for my quick answer - how the treatment and prevention
The kidney specialists answered: Hello: you said should belong to the press nephritis!Should be treated aggressively. In addition, you said they dry phenomenon that should be considered are drug performance! No problem!

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