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Problems appear in the urine test

Health counseling description:
Doctor Hello: May I ask my mother for a month before the urine test: red plus sign four; Barker number three, hit a week penicillin and eat a whisk faction acid and urine white plus sign, not a urine test two red + + sign, and then she ate two boxes of rows of stone particles, appeared yesterday urinalysis: red + the + white + No. What does it mean? This is how is it she's a serious problem? Eat what medicine? Acute and complex, thank you!
Kidney specialists: Hello, may I ask your mother's situation? Size of stones? Specific location?
Kidney patients: Thank you, doctor replies, my mother's symptoms: a drinking water or eaten fruit there urination feeling wanted urination (about 40 minutes) the lower abdomen bit falling feeling after the waist and hips, and hip bone feeling cold sour, total feeling of the soles of the feet cool, a couple of days ago to do B-ultrasound found in sediment type kidney stones. The day before urine test: LEU: 25/UI + ERY: 150/UI + + + + Is this what ails how to treat? This symptom is serious? I would like to ask how should I do? ?
The kidney specialists: with stones, and can then take the row of stone particles, and drinking a lot of water to promote the outflow of stones.

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