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Asymptomatic hematuria has been half a year, routine urine for occult blood, red blood cells 6-8

My son asymptomatic hematuria has been six months, urine for occult blood, red blood cells 6-8. Ask the experts how treatment and diagnosis. Implore expert provide authoritative specialist hospital.
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: I would like to ask what checks are done? Whether the kidney stones, urinary tract stones?
Kidney patients: rheumatoid three anti-0, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, B is super and so do, just did not do renal biopsy, kidney stones and urinary tract stones.
Nephropathy doctors: general referred hematuria usually gross hematuria, contain more red blood cells in the urine, the naked eye can see the urine bright red or dark brown. Easy to overlook the "microscopic hematuria can be found under a powerful microscope. Hematuria, general tips for the presence of diseases of the urinary system. Hematuria more common in children with acute nephritis; women hematuria such as wedding or growth period, pelvis, bladder, and urethritis. Hematuria accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria and other urinary bladder irritation, will have to consider urinary tract infections; such as associated with low back pain, kidney area percussion pain or fever, mostly pyelonephritis; the only bladder irritation and lack of systemic infection symptoms of cystitis; hematuria, such as occurs after a severe colic, kidney or ureteral stones; pain during urination, urine flow is suddenly interrupted or difficulty urinating, bladder or urinary tract stones; stool or after sexual intercourse hematuria occurred, often urethritis; standing hematuria the supine disappeared, should consider nephroptosis; hematuria occurs after strenuous exercise, first have a longer period of time compared with exercise-induced hematuria or renal and ureteral stones; dysuria After hematuria, should be considered for prostate disease or urinary tract infection. Many reasons hematuria, we must guard against a painless gross hematuria because hematuria is often a signal of urinary tract malignancies. Renal pelvis cancer early there will be painless gross hematuria, intermittent or persistent. Kidney tumor hematuria occurred tumor invasion of the renal pelvis, multiple tumor late hematuria often sudden. When tumors invade the kidney surrounding tissue nerve when am back pain. Bladder and ureter tumors occur in men over the age of 40, the main symptom is intermittent spontaneous painless hematuria hematuria sometimes been uneven, hematuria can last a few days, a long time does not appear. The patients had been cured of the disease often mistaken. Prostate cancer is characterized by urination terminal hematuria, associated with significant urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, dysuria, urinary retention. In short, painless hematuria is an important early signal of the urinary system tumors in the elderly in particular, can not be ignored, once first discovered should promptly go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis. To this end, for a painless hematuria patients find the cause before, can not be easily ruled out malignancy of the urinary tract. Experts believe that over where the 40-year-old man, when painless intermittent hematuria, urinary tract malignancy should be considered first. In order to determine the cause of the hematuria, do the following checks: 1, repeatedly looking for cancer cells in urine, as to find cancer cells in fresh urine, you contribute to the diagnosis of bladder cancer. 2, radiology, KUB, intravenous pyelography and renal arteriography. 3, B-type ultrasonic inspection. Radionuclide renal scan, favor the diagnosis of renal tumors. 5, cystoscopy. 6, other checks: CT or MRI scan. Urology

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