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I have minimal change nephrotic syndrome

Health counseling description:
March 27 caused by a cold lower extremity edema, urine routine laboratory protein +3, high blood lipids, April 8 diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (renal biopsy at the Beijing Friendship Hospital diagnosed) medication: prednisone 12 60mg breakfast clothing, 2 D-containing calcium, 3 times / day, famotidine 20mg, 2 times / day, Ganlixin 150mg 3 times / day, nephritis rehabilitation piece 5, 3 times / day. April 18 laboratory: total protein 4.78g/dl; globulin 2.16g/dl; albumin 2.62g/dl; white ball ratio 1.21; total cholesterol 307mg/dl; HDL cholesterol 87mg/dl; low density lipoprotein cholesterol 198mg/dl; mean corpuscular volume 98.8fl; mean corpuscular hemoglobin 32.5pg; scarlet small plates ratio 30%; platelet hematocrit of 30%; reticulocyte maturation index of 5.4%. Normal urine. May 6, in our local hospital laboratory: albumin 44g / L; total protein 55.8 g / L; globulin 11.8g / L; white ball ratio 3.73; total cholesterol of 6.68 mmol / L; high-density lipoprotein protein 1.36mmols / L; low density lipoprotein 3.36 mmol / L; leukocyte 11.7; tropic medium granulocyte 8.80; the addicted medium percentage of granulocytes 74.9; lymphocyte percentage 18.7; eosinophils 0.00; the percentage of eosinophils 0.3; to erythrocyte the average volume 99fL erythrocyte mean leukocyte amount 33.8pg; of MCV 6.7fL ask the doctor: the need to adjust my medicine? For then, how to adjust the dose.
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello: there is no need to adjust! Continue to take it!
Kidney patients: Thank you, doctor! The so measured hormone drugs need to take a long time before reduction, I sometimes feel myself take the sweating, sometimes feeling dizziness, dry mouth, stomach swelling, constipation Will the side effects of hormone how my physical condition will improve.

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