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Do not know nephropathy

Health counseling description:
I've seen the traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor said that it is the kidney. Eaten Chinese medicine, this two-day backache, dizziness, abdominal fall up. I would like to ask is that I'm only 23 years old may have kidney disease how?
Doctor: Hello: Does the recent break how? Blood pressure? Are there other diseases?
Patients: First of all, thank you for your answer. I rest this time really is not very good, I'm on a diet, every night 1000 under the rope. A history of low blood sugar. The reason I suspected kidney is not good, it was because I was a kid laryngitis and tonsillitis often take medicine to fight penicillin, 8-year-old surgery appendicitis. Small to 19-year-old is basically every month injections and medicine. And my palms hot. Trouble the doctor for my diagnosis.
Doctor: Your situation should belong to the spleen and stomach. Whom should first fill the stomach! You can improve the symptoms of palms hot! As you say, the lower abdomen fall up is recommended that you check the prostate or prostate B!

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