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The leucocyte high archived

Health counseling description:
Doctors, hello, my WBC is always repeated higher than a month before taking a prescription medicine, taking 30, two months everything is normal in the meantime until after withdrawal. But today, found that white blood cells high?? 12 microscope seized. Would like to ask your doctor how this is going, is really inflammation the body? Gender: Female, 26 Thank you
Doctor: Hello, I would like to ask is where white blood cells?
Patients: high urine leukocyte check out.
Doctor: urine problem?
Patients: no problem, just leukocyte morning check 10-12 afternoon 6-8, how is this going? And gynecological diseases? Can you have kidney disease?
Doctor: Consider inflammation. What are the symptoms?
Patients: the waist some sour, no other symptoms. Also, I have cervicitis, after treatment, there is a little bit of no good, the doctor said no treatment, is not this lead to? Thank you.
Doctor: take urine what stage of urine? Before in or after?
Patients: urine, the second to take urine slightly biased.
Doctor: or inflammation of the urethra, can continue to use traditional Chinese medicine.
Patient: That and cervicitis this
Doctor: little relationship. Cervicitis must thorough treatment.
Patient: I have treated with light waves, but a few months later, there is little to no good, the doctor can cure where he died, the drugs have the effect not guarantee, then lightwave therapy time, how can I to do it? The heard lightwave treatment impact on fertility.
Doctor: You can cure time.

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