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Polycystic kidney disease what the risk?

56-year-old male
Health counseling description:
2004 found acid rose Youyao. In October 2004, in the hospital diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease.
Once treated and whether there is a history of allergies, genetic:
Want kind of help:
How to prevent and how nursed back to health and normal life, pay attention to what? What are the risks?
Experts answer
Adult polycystic kidney disease (AKPD) is the most common genetic diseases of the urinary system, the natural outcome is as the disease progresses, may eventually lead to renal insufficiency, uremia now taken only surgical treatment of clinical disease to delay the patient's clinical symptoms and the natural history of the disease as early as the mid-line cyst decortication. Treatment needs based on your blood pressure, kidney function, and low back pain, better cyst decortication minimally invasive laparoscopic decortication. Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease, it is recommended that blood relatives and you should also do the relevant checks

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