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Kidney yin and kidney yang is how to distinguish?

Health counseling description:
Kidney yin and kidney yang is how to distinguish between.
The nephrotic doctor replied: Hello: kidney yin and kidney yang, between often influence each other, sinister and yang, yang loss and Yam. Clinically significant number of patients with kidney yin and kidney yang and both virtual and see. The deficiency of the symptoms of backache, cold extremities, chills, and even edema means that the performance of the "cold" symptoms, poor sexual function can lead to kidney yang; kidney yin deficiency symptoms as "hot mainly backache, hot flashes, night sweats, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus. Kidney yang can eat dog meat, lamb, leeks, loach for Sibu, drugs Shenbao, jade BREE, Jinkuishenqiwan,,, Yougui balls. And kidney can eat Rana film, black fungus, black sesame seeds, small walnut Sibu, drugs ZuoguiWan Liuweidihuang balls.

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