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Kidney cancer bone, lung metastases

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My father's comrade-in-arms in September last year due to a sudden hematuria was found to the left kidney cancer are some clear cell carcinoma and granular cell carcinoma, and left radical nephrectomy, interleukin-2 and interferon in March this year. But to the end of June found that the right sacrum transfer, after making sure that only metastases with radiotherapy, 45 days, a total of 30 times. After radiotherapy, the review also found that lung metastasis. May I ask how the treatment could be used directly the site wrote bombardment therapy? Are there better methods or complementary therapies?
Kidney specialists: Hello: It seems to advanced cancer patients, treatment can only alleviate the symptoms and reduce pain. Symptomatic treatment according to the specific circumstances of the patient. Isotope therapy, Chinese medicine treatment methods, recommend whether the trial should also be appropriate chemotherapy if the general condition of the patient permits.
The interferon dose as adjuvant therapy of tumors, you can. The side effects of interferon is heavy cold-like symptoms, automatically relieve general withdrawal. As for the renal and chemotherapy is best administered hospital for examination and treatment, did not see the patient, do not know the specific circumstances of the patient's program is inappropriate, please forgive me.

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