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What do have Uremia?

Health counseling description:
Diagnosis of clinical manifestations of my father as renal atrophy than normal 1, and hypertension. Facial slightly swollen feet sometimes cramps how treatment will be better. (Normal urine, appetite normal )
Kidney specialists: Hello: uremia treatment, including traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine: (1) symptomatic treatment: the diuretic furosemide 100 ~ 500mg intravenous infusion of 10% glucose 300 ~ 500ml buck with captopril, methyl Pakistan, compound antihypertensive tablets, compound Apocynum piece. The correct acid oral or intravenous infusion of sodium bicarbonate to give more anabolic hormones (such as testosterone propionate, phenylpropionate Nandrolone), Adjuvant therapy commonly ATP, coenzyme A, both with conventional amount, plus or minus the amount of special patients according to the disease, as appropriate, appropriate restrictions in water, sodium, food protein content. (2) in hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), hemodialysis select cardiovascular disease and patients with severe anemia, 2 times a week. The CAPD select those who are older. General edema, severe anemia patients 4 times a day. Medication Guide: uremic spleen and kidney virtual failure oriented, damp toxin intrinsic as the standard in the development of the disease process, there is the vacuity of the pathological features. Experiments show Wenshen Qi drug can improve kidney disease, and enhance the ability of the immune. Blood circulation drugs Qingrejiedu drug combination to inhibit tubular atrophy and fibrous tissue proliferation, promote disuse nephron reversal. Of Tongfu Xiere drugs can make blood BUN, CVT decline, improve symptoms, at the same time to improve the body's immune function.
Kidney disease patients: Thank you, may I ask now there is no better method of Chinese medicine treatment. Hemodialysis and a kidney transplant may be my father, the moment can not accept, he do not know
Kidney specialists: taking Chinese medicines need to go to the the regular local hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor prescribing fill a prescription!
Kidney patients: Will renal atrophy, is not had no way to re-use of any drug to save the
Kidney specialists: to completely atrophy, no only a kidney transplant.

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