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Polycystic kidney damage to the body what?

27-year-old male
Health counseling description:
Examination the day before yesterday, the doctor told me is polycystic kidney disease, specifically described as follows: renal size, shape and full, real echo of inequality within the exploration and several cystic anechoic clear boundary shape rules, transparent sound good right kidney large size of about 3.4 * 3.2cm, the left renal big size of about 5.2 * 3.0cm clear collection system, double pelvis showed no expansion.
Once treated and whether there is a history of allergies, genetic:
Want kind of help:
Adequate guidance, the damage to the body and the life, you need to pay attention to what!
Experts answer
There is no any way to prevent the development of disease. Early detection, to prevent the occurrence and development of complications, timely and correct treatment of complications is critical.
1. General treatment: under normal circumstances, after the patient checks out of polycystic kidney disease, the first to maintain the view of the state of mind of the music polycystic kidney, if it is not already affect the normal life of the patient, usually need to be careful not to or less eat salty, spicy and other stimuli nature of food, time to be law, the mood To smooth optimistic; affect the normal life of the patient, and always pay attention to more than a few, but also for treatment, and the sooner the better, otherwise allowed to develop to renal failure uremic disease, it was too late.
2. Cyst decompression surgery: this surgery to reduce the oppression of the cysts of the renal parenchyma, to protect the majority of the remaining kidney units from extrusion and further damage, renal ischemia situation has improved, renal units restored, delaying the development of the disease. The key to successful operation as early as possible surgical cyst decompression must be thorough, do not give up a small cyst and deep cyst decompression. Bilateral should surgery the general bilateral surgery interval of more than six months. Advanced cases, such as existing renal damage in azotemia, uremia, whether or not associated with high blood pressure, has been meaningless decompression therapy, surgery to combat anti-can aggravate the condition.
3. Medicine treatment: traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of polycystic kidney conservative therapy (taking medicine), the effect is very good. The TCM holistic concept and TDS, polycystic kidney disease is a result of external and internal factors together, cascade diversion, gradually cyst liquid discharge, to achieve the purpose of gradually narrow the cyst. Although Chinese medicine can not overcome genetic problems, but the effect of conservative treatment is incomparable Western medicine, and basic non-toxic side effects, and less recurrence.
4. Dialysis and transplantation: the end-stage renal failure, dialysis treatment, the preferred hemodialysis. Polycystic kidney kidney transplant survival rate for other reasons and facilities similar to the surgeon, but also associated with disease, increased postoperative treatment difficulties affect graft outcomes.
5. Treatment: there hematuria hematuria, in addition to the clear reason given treatment as soon as possible, should be reduced activity or bed rest. Dialysis or about dialysis patients, such as recurrent severe and uncontrollable hematuria may consider using transcatheter renal artery embolization.

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