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I would like to ask, I is not got pyelonephritis?

Health counseling description:
Experts, Hello! Yesterday I went to the hospital to check the kidney, the results are as follows: urobilinogen - 16 umol / L bile line element 17 umol / L of ketone bodies 1 1.5 umol / L blood - cells / uL protein 1 0.3 g / L of nitrite - leukocytes 1 70 cells / uL glucose - mmol / L specific gravity 1.025 PH 6.5 for the test results, please reply to me as soon as possible, thank you!
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello: I am pyelonephritis. But do not rule out strenuous exercise, mental stress and other factors caused transient proteinuria, it is recommended to take a look at review time.
I want to know how to look at the above symptoms, kidney patients: Can you help me explain this? What is normal and what is not normal, should pay attention to what? I every day hanging Pioneer, Will the effect? Thank you!
The nephrotic doctor replied:
Hello: urobilin original - 16 umol / L, which is normal. Biliary line element 1 17 umol / L of ketone bodies 1 1.5 umol / L, the positive multi consider chronic diseases such as diabetes, pregnancy reaction. Blood - cells / uL, normal. Protein 1 0.3 g / L, more consideration kidney disease. Nitrite - white blood cells 1 70 cells / uL, infection of the urinary system. Glucose - mmol / L existing treatment is feasible, it is recommended that after the end of treatment, the review of renal function and urine.
Kidney patients:
Sorry, of bilirubin 17umol / L;, ketone bodies 1.5umol / L, positive more consideration to chronic diseases such as diabetes, pregnancy reaction. 3 protein 1 0.3g / L, more consideration kidney disease, severe it? I have not quite understand
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello: This means that if you have those diseases, checks, these values ​​are mostly positive, the value is relatively high.
Kidney patients:
That from now the numerical point of view, my condition is positive or negative? Please advise!
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: because it is not the same laboratory equipment used by the various hospitals generally have a normal range of values ​​in the back of the check value. Your treatment is sufficient, adhere to the completion of the treatment can be.
Kidney patients:
Yes, I know, I would like to thank you for your reply!
Kidney disease doctor:
You're welcome, we should.

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