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7-year-old daughter hematuria

Health counseling description:
Hello doctor: My daughter is seven years old, the age of nearly 1 years 5,6 bedwetting. From around September 2004, they began to wet the bed, the basic nightly time, cried out in the middle of the night, basically would not wet the bed. Later do urine routine examination, urine occult blood 5,6 inspections after four months, each basically have, RBC 2-4, when more than 6-8. Urine phase contrast microscopy stale fresh red blood cells have fresh 40% shadow cells 25% and 17% of red blood cell shrinkage, the bagel like red blood cells 3% 15% distortion erythrocyte. Leukocyte 0-2/HP, RBC 4-5/HP. Other indicators are normal. Protein X films do today, sacral recessive cleft (does not seem serious). Bladder kidney ultrasonography were normal. Know what additional checks? May be the cause of what, I see about spina bifida serious consequences "Beida spinal cord spinal surgery information website, do not know whether the same daughter hematuria relationship my city is small and medium-sized cities, find several doctors that there were problems, but said that observation, I was afraid to delay treatment. invite experts to give detailed answers.
Nephrotic Doctor: Hello, and later to do this three cups of urine?
Kidney patients: later asked our hospital, they said the three cups of urine do. Said eliminated I see there are three cups of urine you an appointment to do it again tomorrow or the day of urine difference.
Nephrotic doctors: it is necessary to do a look!
Kidney patients: sacral NMR
Nephropathy doctor: It is recommended that the anti-inflammatory treatment.
Kidney patients: urinary difference: microscopy: leukocytes 10-15/HP, erythrocyte 8-10/HP, bacteria (+) / HP, see gather heap leukocyte 20-100. Difference: red blood cells of different sizes, 100 red blood cells: fresh 17%, 79% of the ghost cells, deformation of 4%. The ductless cells. Through two difference, our doctor kidney, but only the difference of only white blood cells, had done many times have no or very little. Laboratory doctor may be a urinary tract infection, it is recommended that intravenous infusion of penicillin. The doctors believe, but can not be confirmed, it is recommended to go to Beijing.
Nephrotic doctors: best ofloxacin, traditional Chinese medicine to the local Chinese medicine hospital prescribing treatment.
Kidney patients: anti-inflammatory drugs, if the kidneys have other issues, will more get more bad anti-inflammatory drugs takes about long, thank you so fast reply.
Nephrotic doctors: Hello, hematuria is a common pediatric illnesses one of the points of gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. The microscopic hematuria Is refers to the centrifuged urine per high-power field> 5 red blood cells, gross hematuria without any instruments, hematuria can be seen with the naked eye. The discovery of gross hematuria parents often panic and, after medical treatment. The cause of the hematuria have those? The hematuria is divided into glomerular hematuria and non-glomerular hematuria. Glomerular hematuria include: 1. The glomerulonephritis mainly In addition to hematuria often edema and hypertension. Including acute post-streptococcal nephritis virus nephritis, allergic purpura nephritis, lupus nephritis, chronic nephritis acute attack. 2. IgA nephropathy episodes of hematuria, generally in good condition, sometimes with edema, hypertension, elevated blood IgA. 3. Hereditary nephritis (1) familial benign hematuria showed persistent microscopic hematuria, edema, hypertension, renal function was normal. Have a family history. (2) eye, ear, kidney syndrome (Alports syndrome) microscopic hematuria mainly microscopic hematuria after infection or exertion, constant companion deaf, and family history. 4. Hematuria hemolytic uremic syndrome associated with hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, oliguria and acute renal failure. Non-glomerular hematuria. Urinary tract infection, hematuria, often accompanied by fever, back pain. Urine visible red and white blood cells, urine culture can be found in bacteria. 2. Idiopathic hypercalciuria hematuria with urinary frequency, urgency. Urinary calcium and urinary creatinine ratio> 0.21,24 hour urinary calcium 4mg/kg, can be diagnosed. 3. The urinary calculi hematuria associated with abdominal pain. 4. Urinary tuberculosis hematuria with pyuria, fever, back pain. 5. Others include urinary tract tumors, urinary tract malformations, drug-induced hematuria, kidney damage, and left renal vein entrapment syndrome. Once hematuria best to see a kidney disease specialist systems and comprehensive examination.
Kidney patients: there is a problem, and now do a urine bacterial culture results about tomorrow. Results will not be possible to identify a urinary tract infection and not a bad kidney disease. Hematuria has grown from about 9 months, have not been good nor bad. Observation I feel the same way.
Nephropathy doctors: Note strengthen body resistance, combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Raise a child, there are two methods of resistance to infectious diseases, First vaccination, it is very effective, but because of the type of vaccine is very limited, it is impossible by being vaccinated to prevent all infectious diseases; second method is to enhance the child's physical, to raise the child resistance of common infectious diseases, following a specific approach, to provide adequate nutrition. In children is in constant growth and development stage, relatively high requirement of nutrients, digestive function is not yet fully mature, but also recipes tend to be more monotonous, it is prone to a lack of nutrients; nutritional deficiencies, and the resistance is relatively poor. From the present study, mild (or called subclinical) vitamin A and vitamin C deficiency is a common cause of children with recurrent respiratory infections. Therefore eat plenty of the fresh colored vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C (which contained B-carotene in the body into vitamin A) or supplemental multivitamins formulations (such as small Theragran) does effectively enhance the child resistance. 2, to ensure adequate sleep. This is to enhance the important aspects of the constitution. Physical exercise. Effective measures to enhance physical fitness. Exercise to start at an early age, the child after the full moon, summer in the outdoor lie down winter window to breathe fresh air in the room, the clothes do not wear too much. Cultivate children from a young age to adapt to the colder environment, climate change is not easy to get a cold. Outdoor activities so you can make the skin synthesis of vitamin D, which promotes calcium absorption and have good muscles, bones, breathing, development of the circulatory system and the body's metabolism. Regular exercise can also increase appetite, children adequate intake of nutrients, so that the body will be strengthened, the resistance will significantly increase.

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