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Kidney stones

Health counseling description:
Doctors Hello: left ureter end stones, associated with the left kidney mild hydrocephalus. Stomach pain. Now eat Chinese. B-show: the kidneys of normal size and left renal collecting system separation 1.5cm. The inner diameter of 0.8cm upper ureteral lumen end to see a 0.6cm hyperechoic spot, with sound, the right no exception. Eat Chinese or Western medicine? The best medical program of the what is it?
Kidney disease doctor:
Hello: According to what you said the size of the stone can be considered for treatment with drugs! Taking the row of stone granules or treated with traditional Chinese medicine!
Kidney patients: doctors: Stones can be discharged from it? Discharged from this painful? Now hurts the medication it?
Nephrotic doctors: active treatment is no problem!

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