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About hematuria

Health counseling description:
Suffering from acute pyelonephritis in 2000, after treatment, urine culture negative, but urine check erythrocytes 2-4/HP, specific gravity 1.010, PH value of 7.00 (Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital), all other normal, this situation persists It has been five years since, Is this a long-term situation of hematuria bear in code? There is a way to cure the code?
Kidney disease doctor replied: Hello: The main or anti-inflammatory treatment, suspected or kidney damage, it is recommended to review B-.
Kidney patients: renal function tests down all normal, whether the description does not damage the kidneys?
The kidney doctor answer: Hello: It is recommended oral antibiotic therapy, periodic review routine urine.
Kidney patients: Hello experts: I pyelonephritis acute exacerbation, red blood cells only 3-5/HP, cephalosporins continuous injection therapy for a month, did not disappear completely, and then oral antibiotics Xi engraved labor tablets and new benomyl piece of the past six months, there is still a small amount of red blood cells, but never increase, so I think the fundamental and antibiotic treatment of red blood cells had no effect, yesterday to see a doctor, and rationing of levofloxacin lactate tablets, I really did not dare to take , but do not know how to do long-term so that a small amount of hematuria will into uremia, ask the doctor to help me look extremely grateful!
The kidney doctor replied: Hello: generally do not cause kidney damage does not appear uremia. Appear hematuria kidney inflammation caused. Eat antibiotic treatment to relieve inflammation stimulate, to relieve symptoms of hematuria.

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