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Diagnosis of nephritis

Health counseling description:
I ask nephritis diagnosed?
Kidney specialists: Hello: mainly high blood pressure. Edema, proteinuria!
Kidney disease patients: Hello: I would like to ask the doctor whether I have nephritis, my first urine red blood cells 2 protein, 1 hit three days of clindamycin, eat some anti-inflammatory drugs, there are six stomach Rehmannia capsules and routine laboratory tests in the two weeks after the three gold pieces: red blood cells is leukocyte: Trace. fought a five-day clindamycin. Sixth day of re-tests: erythrocyte 2 please reply. Thank you
The kidney specialists: Hello: urine red blood cells 2 protein 1 does not represent nephritis. Do you have any other symptoms? Your mother's diabetes?? Mainly using western medicine, Chinese medicine prescriptions nothing. Recommendations or go to the hospital to check after the open western medicine, go to the pharmacy to buy point relatively Province.

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