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Polycystic kidney disease is what kind of disease?

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Experts Hello: I am 22 years old my mother because of polycystic kidney disease death, I would like to ask the polycystic kidney disease is what kind of disease? Whether there are genetic? Can be cured?
Kidney disease experts answer:
The Hello: involving bilateral kidney congenital cystic kidney Department. The intrarenal covered cysts of varying sizes, some inter-communication, kidney volume increased with compression of the renal parenchyma to atrophy resulting in dysfunction, until chronic renal failure. Polycystic kidney disease is divided into two types: infantile autosomal recessive, often accompanied by other congenital malformations than died within a few months; adult-onset autosomal dominant, the incidence of more than middle-aged, often accompanied by the liver, spleen, pancreas polycystic ovary, bone and organ lesions and intracranial aneurysm. Clinically, most patients have a family history, more men than women, the performance of different. The common performance: (1) waist abdominal pain: for the majority of patients the first symptom was persistent or paroxysmal ranging tired after the increase. (2) hematuria: often the first symptom, about half of the people for intermittent painless gross hematuria. (3) abdominal mass: multi-bilateral upper abdominal palpable tumor sizes. (4) can have high blood pressure with dizziness, headache. (5) renal insufficiency: markedly abnormal renal function tests, urine specific gravity low and fixed. (6) about 1/4 of patients with renal colic performance and frequent urination, urgency and discomfort. X-ray, B ultrasound, MRI and other tests to help diagnose. Treatment principle to non-surgical therapy and surgical treatment of intractable pain only, renal artery pressure, treatment of ureteropelvic obstruction and complications such as stones, empyema. As for the genetic may be genetic.

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