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Please experts help me analyze blood count

Health counseling description:
Hello experts today to do the blood test, white blood cell count of 3.4; neutrophil percentage of 49.8; lymphocyte percentage 42.3; percentage of eosinophils 0.3; total number of neutrophils 1.7; eosinophils 0.01; various other indicators of normal. For taking a month to adjust the Yin of Chinese medicine, experts Zhidianmijin.
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello: According to your test results to see no big problem, would you go to check what is the purpose of it? What are the symptoms?
Patients: gingival hyperplasia, a lot of bleeding in the cleaning of dental calculus, the doctor said is not clotting problems. Thank you, doctor!
Nephropathy doctors: there is a certain relationship! But not very serious, usually to eat some nuclear class fruit, such as peanuts.

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