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Urine occult blood

Health counseling description:
Doctor: Hello, I ask the urine occult blood + +, how to treat and how to care.
Kidney disease doctors: Hello, may I ask what other symptoms?
Kidney patients: No other symptoms, no fever
Nephrotic doctors: no dysuria? Blood pressure? Eyes swollen swollen?
Kidney patients: none of the above symptoms
Nephropathy doctor: It is recommended that the investigation of a urinary tract B-.
Kidney patients: urinary tract ultrasonography has done no abnormal phenomenon.
Kidney disease doctors: hematuria is common in severe glomerular inflammation or bleeding disorders. So you say there is no other symptoms should be unrealistic! What do you have no trauma? It is best to do something in renal B!
Patients with nephropathy: glomerular inflammation, I would like to ask how to treat.
Nephrotic doctor: The first thing you want to go check and then determine the medication!
Kidney disease patients: waist endured two injury (dislocation of the spine, to form a false joint) I have to eat a dozen pay herbs, I feel that with effect from + has now become +, what should pay attention to what?
Nephropathy Doctor: That should continue medication!
Kidney disease patients: What, the medication generally to how long or to what time?
Nephrotic doctors: generally 30 pay around!
Kidney patients: Excuse me, I medication during feeling lower abdomen heaviness and fart, these normal?
Nephrotic doctors: a medication reflect
Kidney disease patients: Excuse me, my rehabilitation should pay attention to what (for example, can not participate in sports activities? Diet? ......)
Nephrotic doctors: no problem
Kidney patients: Excuse me, my lumbar problems? Thank you!
Nephrotic Doctor: You can also check the lumbar CT, I was a teacher, usually always feel sleepy, is not associated with nephritis? By the way, for a waist CT, is the cost?
Kidney disease doctors: specific costs, please contact the hospital

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