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What can Kidney stones eat food?

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I had kidney stones, can not eat some food, which food is fat objects eating disease influential?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello, diet composition should be based on the stones the kind and urine pH may be. 1, oxalic acid stones should avoid high oxalic acid foods such as spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, beets, asparagus, nuts, tea, cocoa, chocolate and so on. And high calcium foods such as milk, cheese, etc.. 2, idiopathic hypercalciuria should limit calcium intake to reduce urinary calcium content; 3, recurrent oxalate stones, hypercalciuria do not need low-calcium diet. The formation of stones as a result of the low calcium diet led to increased urinary oxalate excretion, and it is not a low calcium diet. Control sodium intake, excessive sodium intake can increase in urinary calcium excretion. Reducing sodium intake: eating light, reduce the consumption of canned and processed foods as much as possible. Eat more foods containing potassium, such as bananas and other food. 4, of Hyperuricemia and high uric acid urine to eat less purine diet, avoid eating animal organs, Eat fish and coffee. Reducing meat intake: reduce the intake of animal protein, the opportunity to reduce the formation of stones. This to understand, specifically to increase the intake of calcium to prevent calcium oxalate stones is not desirable. Drink plenty of water sports: drink plenty of water in the urine salts can speed up the metabolism, so drink at least 3000 ml of water. More exercise can reduce bone calcium loss, thereby reducing the generation of the stones.

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