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Renal Hematuria

Health counseling description:
My daughter (6 years old) diagnosed by the Shanghai Children's Hospital on February 28 for the renal hematuria clothing, Huang Kui Capsule and astragalus particles February, microscopic examination of red blood cells occurs repeatedly, there are still symptoms of frequent urination. How to further treatment, with or without cure for?
Now during the day there are still symptoms of frequent urination, urinary occult blood, microscopic examination of red blood cells up 7?? 10, no urine protein, ask the experts chronic nephritis? How to cure?
Kidney disease experts answer:
Hello: your child there any other not, is not the onset of two months, there are no other symptoms, should not be a chronic nephritis, chronic nephritis clinical features of longer duration, the progressive development of proteinuria, hematuria and varying degrees of hypertension and renal dysfunction.

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