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Kidney stones belonging to the nephrotic this?

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Hello doctor: I have kidney stones more than two years, the original size is 19CM * 0.7CM meantime After two gravel, discharged six, seven small stones of the size of a grain of rice is not out after row. been taking excellent Cron Japanese, B-show four, the largest 6CM I need to go again rubble, or continue medication wait
I would also like to ask you a urine test results show that the residue calcium oxalate, whether it means the ingredients of my kidney stones is calcium oxalate then I In addition to the active treatment in the future, the diet should pay attention to what. I've heard a few patients, gravel occurring after renal atrophy, my broken twice in dare not go, I would like to ask you a great chance of this happening.
Experts answer
Hello: Thank you for your attention, I would like to ask the rubble after hematuria, is not the kidney the internal substantive is damaged rubble after eating some anti-inflammatory drugs or tonic. Hello, you need to lithotripsy.
Too little drinking water for a bogey. Second, avoid excess nutrients. The three avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Four bogey oxalic acid and more food. Contains large amounts of oxalic acid, spinach, lentils, tomatoes, celery, tofu, chocolate, tea contains oxalic acid is also a lot of patients with calcium oxalate stones should eat or avoid eating these foods. Five Note excessive drinking. Drinking can increase the excretion of uric acid in the urine and decreased urine output, beer may one o'clock diuretic, but often subsequently cause concentrated urine, so the stone patients less alcohol is appropriate. The bogey six food too fine. Edible food, the more refined and produce urine stone composition more. Crude food slowly absorbed, metabolite excretion than smooth, so urinary stone patients to proper eating more whole grains as well.
Do not have too much psychological pressure, not to his own bluff! The gravel may consider herbal conditioning!

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