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Suffering from chronic nephritis, I (core 130, urine protein + + + + + occult blood), renal biopsy in July 2003 Check in June: 16 glomeruli visible, three small ball sclerosis, irregular thickening Pao ball capsule, two small balls ball adhesions, the rest of the glomerular lesions to diffuse mesangial cell hyperplasia segmental moderate hypertrophy and endothelial segmental ball three pairs serious side and a small amount of infiltration of inflammatory cells, a moderate increase of mesangial matrix. Focal interstitial lymphocytic infiltration of mononuclear cells around the focal sclerosis and renal interstitial fibrosis, ball, tubular atrophy small focal thickening of the walls of small blood vessels of the person. : Diagnosis currently around 100, IgA nephritis negative hospital took the cornerstone of Western medicine (MMF, Lotensin, Cozaar, calcium odd child) and (mesangial proliferative global sclerosis), urine protein, occult blood + of + - - + + + (has been stable for almost a year), I asked the doctor:???? How to forecast what unfolded in uremia when I'm married now recovering kidneys hurting, and my child?
Hello Doctors nephropathy field of "consumer", "back pain", "hematuria" of China, the disease interferes with the intrusion mainly IgA nephritis, manning first in a virtual or heat, and heat, wind and evil unresolved network, thermal damage of evil, Zhouxian urinary protein, and as a result, forcing blood Wang Xing. Chronic diseases, long Shangyin, stagnant network congestion thermal cross-resistance. Shenluotong damage difficult to cure, virtual fire inflammation, hematuria, back pain, for a long time, now seems to be based on head Qiyinliangxu ecstasy of the disease gradually. Depending on the situation in the state, stable after marriage and childbirth, consider herbal treatment, should have little effect!
Patients with kidney disease: is something online that sticks to eat but some annual grasses, after the disease prognosis (This proliferation mesangial sclerosis and global) stable IgA nephritis, the worst degree of damage as me!
Nephropathy Doctor: Hello, is to stick to fair treatment, you can control the development.
Patients with kidney disease: a marriage at the time of renal biopsy is not necessary before, a few years forecast comply with proper treatment to get married when uremia develops, depending on the circumstances of the present, and, thanks to safety! ...

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