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The right renal pelvis have hydrocephalus

Health counseling description:
Right kidney Size: 9.2 * 5.1 * 5.9CM, left kidney size 10.2 * 5.1 * 5.1
Kidney doctor replied: Hello, Would you please explain in detail the circumstances there is no stones? Size? Symptoms now? Urine conventional?
The kidney patients answered: right pyelectasis about the size of 3.71.2, no significant mass, left kidney echo slightly stronger, no significant mass in the right side of the attachment area cysts, 3.12.8 echo District urine: of occult blood +11.0 mg / l ureteral dilatation 0.5ct check acalculous previously suffered from glomerulonephritis
The nephrotic doctor answered: What are the symptoms? Sense of self?
The kidney patients answered: is waist swelling sense of taste a little taste, urine and other obvious symptoms.
The kidney doctors answer: not a big problem, it is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine, treating diseases raise with the probe Mount therapy.
The kidney patients answered: Thank you, the laboratory for the first time within the right renal collecting system exploration and 1.10cm liquid dark area, b super single write right kidney hydronephrosis, that you look at the size of my kidney is normal it? There exploration Morocco therapies can say that specific point? Thank you
The nephropathy doctors answer: no big problem. Massage therapy massage waist, alleviate symptoms.

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