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My mother lumbar acid, laboratory results BLD3 + how it

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My mother's waist is very acid urine routine laboratory results BLD3 + is how is it? The doctor said some bleeding on the kidneys, and how to do?
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: generally the likelihood of a urinary tract infection. The possibility of infection, active anti-infection treatment.
Kidney patients; Twenty years ago she given birth nephritis later no recurrence. But in the past period of time has been feeling backache, did not care. This time, because two weeks ago feeling backache eyes could not open and only go for testing. Do urine opened some traditional Chinese medicine: herb, Cork, Anemarrhena, habitat, tree peony bark, Poria, Alisma, Zeeland, Achyranthes, dodder, Raspberry, Plantago, six a casual. Ask the experts not possible frequent bending work and exertion caused? Should not matter? How to treat? Thank you! Have been diagnosed with kidney no problem. Will the anti-infection treatment what drug best? Those traditional Chinese medicine, there are no anti-infective drugs? Do I have to buy the drugs? I hope that she will get better quickly
Nephropathy the doctor: Hello: anti-infection treatment for drug susceptibility tests, sensitive antibiotics. Chinese medicine according to the current line. Treatment to be patient, do not too much medication, back aggravate renal excretion.

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