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Application and Advantage of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy consists of three parts, namely, the unique traditional Chinese medicine, Micro process technique and the microwave osmosis technique. The combination of these above three unique substances guarantees the curative effect of treating Kidney problems. The main advantages of this therapy are as follows.
improve the curative effect.
After the process of Ultrasonic Cavitation, traditional Chinese medicine will be micronized into TCM particles. By this, effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine will be fully released and their penetrability will also become more powerful. Powerful penetrability of effective ingredients guarantees the free infiltration of them into renal lesions. These effective ingredients combine with broken renal molecular chain and form new renal cells and tissues. These effective ingredients take effect quickly and specifically target at renal lesion. The patient’s most obvious feeling during this period is the fast retreat of various symptoms. Is It Possible to Reduce or Stop a Regular Dialysis
directly get to renal lesions Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
The Back-Shu point is a special acupuncture point which is closely related to the kidneys. If any abnormality occurs to the kidneys, discomfort of this point will be the first overt symptom. Under the support of microwave osmoscope and through this acupuncture point, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy will be delivered directly into renal lesions. Effective ingredients of Chinese medicine will promote the permeability of glomerular basement membrane, restore the damaged charge barrier, and reduce the leakage of protein and red blood cells. In addition, these effective ingredients can also dilate blood vessels and enhance blood micro-circulation, which helps with the expelling of toxic substances. This curative effect is especially obvious for patients with renal failure. The fast excretion of wastes and toxic substances leads to decrease of serum creatinine and urea nitrogen levels.High Creatinine Levels
select suitable wavelength
We can measure the distance from Back Surface to the renal lesions, and under the support of computer we can set up osmoscope intermediate frequency electric current of various wavelength and wave form. Under the action of pulse current, effective ingredients of Chinese medicine will osmoe into renal lesions within one minute. This method guarantees that enough effective ingredients get to the renal lesions. The curative effects include activating immune syImmunotherapy of patients who suffer from low-immunity, and accordingly suppress the immune syImmunotherapy of patients who suffer from excessive immune activities. Effective ingredients can also rectify the dysfunction of inner body, reduce Mesangial proliferation, alleviate the cystic pressure to renal tissue, and slow down the fibrosis speed of glomerulus.What Can Be Done for Kidney Failure
This method will guarantee a long-term effect Is Kidney Transplant a Must with Kidney Failure
Effective ingredients combine with renal broken molecular chain and forms new molecules, and through this, DNA of damaged cells will be restored and activated to reproduce. The blood vessel dilating effects enhance blood inflow to the kidneys which promote renal tissue metabolic activity. With the filtrating of cyst liquid into urine and the inactivation of cyst wall, renal cysts will retreat and thus reduce the pressure to renal tissues. Effective ingredients provide restoring materials to damaged cells. Finally, the purpose of rebuilding kidney structure and restoring kidney function is achieved, and the retreating of various symptoms will be something of certainty. The elimination of symptoms is based on the regain of renal function, so a long term curative effect can be guaranteed

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has no reverse effects. Chinese medicine is prevailed as ‘gentle medicine’ which means it wont cause serious reaction of the body immune . In addition, through external application, patients can also relieve themselves from taking decocted medicines orally which usually give rise to abnormality of digestive .

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