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Information about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Stage 3

Chronic Kidney Disease, as an intractable disease, always makes patients annoyed. With slow progress, the long course of Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into five stages, but is there anything that can tell us that our disease have developed into Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Stage 3?
It is known to all that stages of Chronic Kidney Disease are made in the light of GRF which is short for glomerular filtration rate. According to the international standard, when glomerular filtration rate decreases to the range from 30 ml/min/1.73m2 to 59 ml/min/1.73m2, then we can diagnose that this disease has run to the third stage. With the arrival of stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, some worrisome symptoms will appear and on the basis of these perceptible symptoms, we can infer how much our kidneys has been damaged.
Fist of all, with the occurrence of stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, usually, some urination changes may occur to you. For example, while you are urinating, you may found there are foams in your urine, which results from the leakage of large amount of protein from kidneys. In addition, your urine color may appear to be brown, tea colored or even red. Changed urine color and foamy urine all implies that kidneys have been damaged greatly and they already can not keep some substances from being leaked out any more.Is Pink Urine Normal in CKD Stage 3
Besides, you may observe that you eyelid and inside of ankles are swollen when you get up in the morning and then swelling are relieved in the noon. Normally, if you do some drastic exercises and physical works, swelling will be aggravated and then remitted after you have a good rest. For people with stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, swelling results from the retention of excessive water and sodium which should have been excreted by our kidneys. Salt is rich in sodium and ingesting too much salt means ingesting too much sodium, so that is the reason why patients are asked to limit the intake of salt.
Moreover, as kidneys can not excrete the toxic substances out of our body, these toxins pile up in our body, which may affect the generation of blood, leading to the occurrence of anemia. With insufficiency of blood supply, people may feel very tired all the day. Therefore, fatigue is another symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease in stage 3. How Much Iron Should Stage 3 CKD Patients Take
Apart from these, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in stage 3 may also suffer from high blood pressure and sleep problem caused by itchy skin. All these symptoms in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease arise from kidney damage, so if we want to remove them radically, receiving effective treatment is the basic method.
As for the treatment of stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, Chinese medicine should be your first choice. There are several reasons for you to choose Chinese medicines, and one of the most important one is that Chinese medicine does not present any side effects because it is mainly composed of different types of herbs which are natural grown and do not contain hormone. Besides, Chinese medicine can treat the disease from the root, which helps to prevent the reoccurrence of kidney disease. Therefore, Chinese medicine is worth trying. When kidney damages are repaired, symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease in stage 3 will disappear.Can Kidney Problems Cause Teeth Enamel Erosion Does Your Only Kidney in Stage 3b Cause High Thyroid Level

Although Chinese medicine has so many advantages, it does not mean Chinese medicine is perfect. Chinese medicine effectives slow. This is the biggest shortage of it. To avoid this disadvantage, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is the combination of Chinese medicine and modern medical technology, is created. With the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, many sufferers have lived a full life with their disease. Hence, if you are a sufferer with stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease and interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, welcome to consult our consultant or leave message to me for more information.

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