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What Does Proteinuria Mean For Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

As a dominant symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease, proteinuria often attracts patients’ attention. What does proteinuria mean for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on earth?
In clinic, proteinuria falls into two types which refer to intermittent proteinuria and persistent proteinuria.
Intermittent proteinuria means urine protein quantitation outnumber the normal value, but not always. Intermittent proteinuria usually appears in the following three situations:Treatment for Kidney Disease Patients With Weight Gain and Proteinuria
* Benign Temporary Proteinuria. People with this kind of protein usually have no Chronic Kidney Disease and it has no clinical significance.
* Functional proteinuria. The common causes of it are drastic exercises, chill, congestive heart failure, injection of albumin, hyperpyrexia and usage of norepinephrine. People with functional proteinuria usually have no renal damage.
*Orthostatic proteinuria. For patients with orthostatic proteinuria, the excretion of protein usually is not more than one gram per day. It often indicates a good prognosis of Chronic Kidney Disease. Proteinuria and Kidney Disease
Persistent proteinuria means there are protein in patients’ urine, no matter what kinds of position patients in. Persistent proteinuria has great significance for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. On the basis of protein volume in urine, persistent proteinuria can be divided into two types and they are asymptomatic proteinuria and macroalbuminuria.Other Options Than Medicines to Reduce Proteinuria in Diabetics
* Asymptomatic proteinuria. Protein in urine is less than two gram per day and usually, it can be seen among patients with glomerular disease and renal tubular disease. Therefore, if you have asymptomatic proteinuria, then your glomeruli or renal tubules may be damaged. In addition, asymptomatic proteinuria may also appear in people who have no Chronic Kidney Disease.Treatment for FSGS with Proteinuria and Creatinine 1.6
* Macroalbuminuria. Macroalbuminuria means protein excreted along with urine more than 3.5gram per day and the major component of macroalbuminuria is albumin. Patients with macroalbuminuria usually have symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome such as hypoalbuminemia, swelling, hyperlipemia and large amount of proteinuria. Besides, severe proteinuria often can indicate the existence of glomerular disease.

Now, after reading this article, can do you the relationship between Chronic Kidney Disease and proteinuria? Intermittent proteinuria us tell nothing about Chronic Kidney Disease, but persistence proteinuria may tell us what are damaged in our kidneys. For more information, please consult our consultant online or leave message to me.

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