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Features of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Treating IgA Nephropathy

I. Replenishing qi (energy) effect of Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy can strengthen the body’s resistance against disease, as “sufficient vital qi inside, prevents pathogens outside”. So it can protect the body from inflammation in pharynx, regulate immunologic function of palatine tonsil, and block hyperirritable B cells from turning into plasma cell that produces IgA, duly reduce generation of polymers IgA1. Meanwhile, replenishing qi enhances body’s resistance and corrects defects of mucosal immune , and inhibits generation of marrow polymers IgA1. Chinese medicine can regulate the ability of the body resistance, because it can activate immune syImmunotherapy in the body, enhance the function of monocyte-macrophage of course, so as to increase the liver’s function in clearing IgA. Decreasing generation and increasing clearance can be achieved by the above effects. Excessively deposited polymer IgA1 in mesangial area is blocked; complement is activated through replacement, and accordingly results in complement activation and formation of membrane attack complex (MAC).
II.Removing blood stasis effect of the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can lyse mucins, fibronectin and type IV collagen of the middle layer of the kidney tissues in patients with chronic IgA nephropathy and inactivate the expression of IL-6 in kidney tissue and activity of mRNA activators at the same time. Inactivated PDGF loses the pathological effect in stimulating mesangial cell multiplication and participating extracellular matrix. Platelet derived growth factor B chain in patients’ blood plasma as well as the structure of peripheral blood monocytes to express PDGF-mRNA lose their pathological effect after being broken down by this medicine.
III. Promoting blood circulation effect of this Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can promote blood-supply in kidney, improve the ischemia and anoxia so as to decrease the activity of angiotensin II in part of the kidney, and prevent it from combining with relevant receptors on inherent cells of the glomerulus. It also can avoid contraction of mesangial cells and efferent & afferent glomerular arteries, and duly maintain renal perfusion and filtration fraction of the glomerulus. What’s more, factors in angiotensin that promote growth of kidney have no activity, which stops them from increasing the generation of cell's growth factors through autocrine Immunotherapy, so that there is no way to induce hyperplasia and hypertrophy of vascular smooth muscle cell, glomerular mesangial cell and tubular epithelial cell, and stimulate synthesis of extracellular matrix. The disease is duly stopped to develop with this way.IgA Nephropathy and Painful Restless Legs and Will IgA Nephropathy Cause Kidney Pain
IV. Promoting blood circulation effect as well can improve blood coagulation in the kidney, so as to protect the kidney from the damage of blood coagulation and fibrinolysin Immunotherapy. Clinical effects of this Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy become more and more obvious, so more and more patients with chronic IgA nephropathy receive good results and publicize this Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy well.Swelling and Cramping from IgA Nephropathy

LgA nephropathy is a kind of chronic glomerular diseases caused by a group of pathogenies, with common characteristics of immunopathology. Clinically, about 40%-50% of the patients have gross or microscopic hematuria, 35%-40% have microscopic hematuria associated with proteinuria, while others nephrotic syndrome and renal failure. In our country, the incidence of IgA nephropathy takes up 26%-34% of the primary glomerular disease, female to male ratio is about 2:1. At present, no specific treatment is available towards IgA nephropathy with blood urine as the main, as pathologic types of IgA nephropathy as well as damage degree of the glomerulus differ greatly. Therefore, closely observe the frequency that gross hematuria occurs, degree of proteinuria, with or without high blood pressure as well as damage degree to renal function, and take corresponding control measures respectively.

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