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Symptoms of Kidney Cyst

For most of the patients with kidney cysts, there are no obvious symptoms. With the aggravation of their disease, the following symptoms will appear.
Ⅰ. Back pain or discomfort in belly.
Owing to the enlargement of cysts, tensile force of renal capsule increases, leading to the stretch of renal pedicle or oppression on surrounding organs, which will make patients feel pain. Moreover, cysts contain large amount of fluid, which makes kidneys become heavy. The heavy kidneys sink, causing back pain. The pain may be unilateral or bilateral dull pain. If there are bleeding inside cysts or secondary infection, then the pain will be more serious. Furthermore, if renal cyst is associated with stone or there are blood clot blocking, then renal colic will appear.
Ⅱ. Hematuria.Hematuria and Kidney Disease
Hematuria can be manifested as gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria. The appearance of hematuria is periodic, which usually accompanied with serious back pain. Besides, drastic exercises, wounds and infection all can deteriorate or induce hematuria. The bleeding arises from the fracture of cysts. There are many arteries beneath the cyst wall, due to the increased pressure and infection, blood vessels in cyst wall receive excessive pull, which will lead to the break of cysts.Is Consuming Aloe Vera Good for Hematuria
Ⅲ. Lump in belly.
Sometimes, lump in belly is the root cause for patients to see a doctor. For patients with kidney cyst, about sixty percent to eighty percent of them can feel the swollen kidneys. Generally speaking, the bigger the kidney is, the poorer the renal function is.How Can I Get Relieve from a Kidney Cyst
Ⅳ. Proteinuria.Can a Kidney Cyst Cause Gross Hematuria With No Pain
For patients with kidney cyst, the protein in urine usually is not more than two gram and most of the time, Nephropathy Syndrome does not occurs to them.
Ⅴ. High blood pressure.
Due to the oppression of cysts on kidney, renal ischemia appears. Renal ischemia can cause consistent increase of renin which is helpful in promoting the generation of type Ⅱ angiotensin. Type Ⅱ angiotensin has great ability of shrinking blood vessels, which will cause the increase of blood pressure.
Ⅵ. Decrease of renal function.

Due to the space-occupying and oppression of cysts, the healthy renal tissues reduce gradually, causing the decrease of renal function.

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