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Why Is Chronic Kidney Disease Always Associated with High Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure caused by Chronic Kidney Disease? If yes, then do you know why Chronic Kidney Disease is always associated with high blood pressure?
Chronic Kidney Disease affects blood pressure in different ways and the following are the several nosogenesis of high blood pressure in Chronic Kidney Disease.
First of all, when people suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease, generation of renin will increase, leading to the excessive aldosterone. Aldosterone has great ability of reserving water and sodium, which will cause increase of blood pressure. Meanwhile, increased renin will aggravate spasm of arteries, and thus trigger persistent increase of blood pressure.High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease
Secondly, prostaglandin which is mainly produced by kidneys has function of lowering blood pressure and improving blood volume in kidneys. Appearance of Chronic Kidney Disease always destroys renal parenchamy with which generation of prostaglandin decrease and as a result, high blood pressure occurs.
Thirdly, high blood pressure appearing in Chronic Kidney Disease also can be caused by the accumulation of metabolic wastes in the blood vessels. Piling up of these wastes narrows vascular lumen and even blocks blood vessels, leading to the increase of blood pressure.CKD Stage 3 Treatment and CKD Stage 4 Treatment
Almost all the people with Chronic Kidney Disease have increased blood pressure and in addition, with the aggravation of renal damage, blood pressure will become more and more severe.Kidney Failure, Nausea, Vomiting, High blood pressure

Moreover, Chronic Kidney Disease can cause high blood pressure and inversely, high blood pressure can result in Chronic Kidney Disease as well. For people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, existence of high blood pressure negative factor which will cause deterioration of their disease. Thereby, while receiving effective treatment, people with Chronic Kidney Disease should control their blood pressure actively. Otherwise, aggravation of their disease will make them face dialysis or kidney transplant. Furthermore, although controlling blood pressure is of great importance, choosing the correct method is more vital. About the right way of lowering high blood pressure, please consult our consultant online or leave message to me , we will try our best to offer you the most completed information.

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