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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Kidney Disease

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy (hereafter referred as MCMO ) is a milestone in the exploration of kidney problem treatment. MCMO makes certain that enough effective ingredients of Chinese medicine reach the kidney lesions and take effect of alleviating inflammatory response as well as restoring damaged intrinsic kidney cells. Accompanied with the restoration of damaged kidney function, clinical symptoms will surely disappear and the relapse of kidney problem is seldom.
Then the question might be that what is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and based on what pharmacological principles does the method achieve the due effect?
The identification of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy differs from traditional Chinese medicines mainly in two ways. First, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy guarantees that enough effective ingredients can actually get to kidney lesions. When applying Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, traditional Chinese medicines are processed into super-corpuscules by high technique, which allow the fully release of effective ingredients of Chinese medicines as well as enhance the recombination of these ingredients to become more powerful in taking effect. In addition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is applied externally, which not only relieve the patients of gastrointestinal burden and discomfort but also makes it more efficient in taking effect. After high-tech micro-process, these now super-corpuscules become more powerful in permeability. The medicine is applied on the skin of lower back near the kidneys, and under the action of microwave effective ingredients will directly filtrate through skin into the kidneys.Where Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Fully release of effective ingredient of Chinese medicine together with being more powerful in permeability guarantees that there is enough effective ingredients for the eliminating of inflammatory response and the restoration of damaged intrinsic kidney cells.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for CKD
And based on what pharmacological principles does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy achieve the due effect? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Stage 5 Kidney Disease
In order to fully understand how to treat kidney problems, we need firstly to make clear the pathological process of kidney problems. Kidney problems are caused by infection or direct injury to the organ. In the case of infection, we the person if infected by bacteria or virus, there will be more inflammatory cells in the blood, and through blood circulation these inflammatory cells together with immune complex( the combination of antigen and antibody) will infiltrate into the kidneys. in order to protect themselves, intrinsic kidney cells release inflammatory mediators and generate more renin , which will subsequently give rise to inflammatory response as well as blood and oxygen deficiency of the kidneys, with damaging intrinsic kidney cells the final result.
In the early stages of kidney problems, damages to kidneys are not serious and the patient can inhibit the disease progression if treatments are taken properly and timely. Unfortunately, most patients miss that optimal period of treatment due to that symptoms are unspecific during this stage and many patients fail to take regular urinalysis or blood test. Without proper and timely treatments, kidney problems aggravate gradually. And the following kidney reactions against infection and injuries include the proliferation of extracellular matrix, the secretion of fibrocytes, and there might be pathological changes of intrinsic kidney cells, which easily leads to the formation of myofibroblast that is the main causation of kidney fibrosis. Once the fibrosis progress starts, the curing of kidney problems becomes even more difficult.
However, effective ingredient of Chinese medicine can really make a difference. And the MCMO takes effect mainly through five ways.
The first effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is dilating blood vessels
Blood and oxygen deficiency is the very initial factor that starts the pathological changes of kidney cells. and Chinese medicines have proven to be natural and effective materials for expanding blood vessels and relaxing vessel smooth muscle and as a result alleviate the ischemia and anoxia situation of the kidneys. The normalization of blood circulation in the kidneys provides a favorable environment for the restoration of kidney function.
The second effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is anti-inflammation
Kidney inflammatory responses give rise to further damages to the kidneys. And traditional Chinese medicine can suppress the formalization of and inactive inflammatory mediators, cell factors and growth factors. In addition Chinese medicine focuses on improving the whole body’s immunity in order to protect the body from further infection.
The third effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is anticoagulation
The activation of thrombocyte will lead to thrombosis and form new obstacles of blood circulation. Effective ingredients of Chinese medicine suppress the activation of thrombocyte, and prevent the deposition of lipid on blood vessel wall as well as alleviate the inflammation caused by these accumulated lipids.
The forth effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is degrading excessive extracellular matrix
The abnormal proliferations of extracellular matrix together with the formalization of myofibroblast lead to the apoptosis of healthy intrinsic kidney cells and thus cause great damages to the kidneys. After arriving at the kidney lesion, effective ingredients of Chinese medicine will gradually degrade these excessively proliferated extracellular matrixes. for these fibroblasts that have not transformed into myofibroblasts ( they are still reversible ), effective ingredient of Chinese medicine will reverse the transforming progress.
And the fifth effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is providing necessary materials for the restoration of damaged kidney cells
As we have already known, kidney problem is a progressive loss of kidney function over a period of months or years. With the decline of kidney function, there are various clinical symptoms like proteinuria ( Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) and occult blood. As long as these damaged kidney cells are not repaired, the elimination of clinical symptom permanently can not be achieve, and this is the very reason why many patients suffer from the relapse of kidney problems a certain times later after the elimination of symptoms. Effective ingredients of Chinese medicine can provide necessary materials for the restoration of damaged kidney cells.Is It Possible to Reduce or Stop a Regular Dialysis
Traditional Chinese medicine therapies have long been prevailed as a method of treating chronic disease like chronic kidney problems. However, traditional Chinese medicine therapies have also long been prevailed as being tardive in taking effect. As I have mentioned above, it is not that Chinese medicine therapies are incapable of treating chronic diseases, but that these obsolete applying methods can neither fully release effective ingredients of chinese medicine nor guarantee enough reaching to kidney lesion of there effective ingredients.

MCMO resolves the two main disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicines. What is more, the combination of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy with the usage of western medicines will guarantee a quicker and more efficient recovery.

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