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Major Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease

Complication means the related or unrelated diseases caused by the original disease. As an intractable disease, Chronic Kidney Disease usually gives rise to many complications; then, what are the major complications of it?
First of all, Chronic Kidney Disease can give rise to abnormity of blood syImmunotherapy which includes renal anemia(Anemia and Kidney Disease), dysfunction of platelet and lymphocyte, obstacles of coagulation Immunotherapy, etc. Among these abnormal changes, renal anemia is the most common one.
Secondly, due to the lower immunity, great loss of large amount of protein, malnutrition and dysfunction of immunological function, people with Chronic Kidney Disease are easy to catch infections and the some of which contain infection of upper respiratory tract, skin infection(Skin Itching and Kidney Disease) and infection of urinary tract(Can Urinary Tract Infection Cause Nephrotic Syndrome). After the infection, people with Chronic Kidney Disease may have no obvious symptoms; even so, people with Chronic Kidney Disease should pay much more attention in their daily life to avoid these infections, as these infections are not easy to treat. Furthermore, as a malignant stimulating factor, infection can cause acute aggravation of Chronic Kidney Disease as well, so prevention of infection is of primary importance for them.Kidney Disease Symptom and treatment.CKD Stage 3 Treatment and CKD Stage 4 Treatment
Thirdly, with insufficiency of renal function, people with Chronic Kidney Disease may have cardiovascular complications which mainly refer to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, myocardosis, pericarditis and renal failure. The major cause of these cardiovascular complications is metabolic disorder appearing during the development of Chronic Kidney Disease. According to the statistics, the morbidity of high blood pressure is as high as seventy percent to eighty percent among people with Chronic Kidney Disease. Moreover, about a quarter of them may have higher blood pressure after they do dialysis.Muscle and Bone Complication of Hemodialysis

Although they are just the complications, sometimes, they are more dangerous than the original disease, Chronic Kidney Disease. Thereby, we should prevent the occurrence of them actively in our daily life. What I introduced above are just some of the serious complications, if you want to learn more, please email to me or consult our consultant online

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