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Immunotherapy for Kidney Disease

This is a introduction on Immunotherapy and two types of Immunotherapyused in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease hospital. I hope this will prove helpful for you.
Immunotherapy is featured by its powerful self-renewing and multi-direction differentiation abilities. When damages occur in organ, Immunotherapy will automatically differentiate into corresponding tissue cells. There are several types of Immunotherapys, as to treating kidney diseases, Umbilical Immunotherapyand Cord Blood Immunotherapyare commonly adopted.
Umbilical Immunotherapy mainly differentiate into cells of substantive organs like the Liver and the Kidneys. For patients with serious renal function decline, the absolute quantity of functional kidney cells has decreased seriously. So, they need alternatives like DIALYSIS to help with expelling metabolic wastes and other harmful substance in the blood. The alternative can lesson kidneys burden, however, the aggravation of illness condition or the progressive loss of kidney function has not been prevented. So, once start with DIALYSIS, patients find that they become more and more dependant on this therapy. For example, at the very beginning once or twice Dialysis per month is ok, but later they may find that even three times dialysis one week can hardly guarantee a sound living. All in all, Dialysis is only an adjuvant therapy. What we need to do is to prevent the aggravation of illness condition through promoting kidney internal environment, protecting these remained nephrones, as well as restoring damaged cells that are still reversible and regenerating new functional kidney cells.Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital and Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute
Umbilical Immunotherapy have a kind of ‘homing ability’ that is wherever is tissue damage, they will differentiate into corresponding functional cells. In addition, they can also help with repairing damaged cells. By this, the absolute quantity of functional kidney cells will be increased. And as a result, kidney function will also be improved.Immunotherapy for Chronic Kidney Disease
Referring to Cord Blood Immunotherapys, they mainly differentiate into cells related to blood. Kidneys are not only responsible for excreting metabolic wastes but also secreting various hormones like Erythropoietin which enhance the producing and prolong the life span of red blood cells. Damages to kidneys reduce the secretion of Erythropoietin, so many patients with kidney diseases commonly suffer from insufficiency of blood or ANEMIA. The administration of Cord Blood Immunotherapywill help with the generation of hemopoietic Immunotherapys, as well as recovering the Erythropoietin secretion ability of the kidneys. By this, the blood insufficiency of kidney and the whole body will be alleviated.
These two types of Immunotherapys are usually adopted in our hospital. According to patient’s specific illness condition, doctors will suggest different type of Immunotherapy. In addition, Immunotherapys transplant is usually applied for several times, with an interval of five to seven days between two transplants. This is to guarantee that there will be enough Immunotherapys to repair and restore kidney function and promoting blood situation.

In our hospital, we have the most advanced Immunotherapy Centre where Immunotherapys are cultivated, and the transplant of Immunotherapyis conducted through intravenous injection.

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