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Relationship between Less Urine and Swelling in Kidney disease

As a patient with Chronic Kidney Disease, you must know swelling and less urine are the two symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. Less urine belongs to the abnormal urination and swelling refers to the retention of excessive water and sodium in our body. Although these two are just symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease, is there any relationship between them? Kidney Disease Symptoms and Treatment
Before we talk about the relationship between them, let’s find out the roots causes of these two symptoms. First of all, we all know our kidneys have a lot of functions such as maintaining the balance of acid-base, excreting waste products and promoting the generation of urine. Moreover, according to the water volume in our body, our kidneys can help us regulate the urine volume and this is the reason why we usually have frequent urination when we drink a lot of water.How Do Nephrotic Syndrome Patients Bring Swelling Down Will Swelling Go If Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Take Dialysis Do You Have Swelling in Stage 3 CKD

As to the swelling, it arises from the retention of excessive water and sodium. Generally speaking, with the blood fluid, sodium and water in blood are filtrated by glomeruli and then get into renal tubules which have reabsorption function and will absorb most of these fluids. Hence, if renal tubules are damaged and reabsorb almost all the fluids, then the excessive water and sodium reabsorbing by renal tubules in blood will pile up in the body, leading to the occurrence of swelling. Besides this, another condition will cause less urine as well and it is the damage of glomerular filtration membrane. Just as we have mentioned just now, glomeruli can help us filtrate blood, so if filtration membrane is damaged and can not filtrate blood any more, then water and sodium will accumulates in our body as well.

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