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Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease in End Stage

Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into five stages according to glomerular filtration rate. The last stage of Chronic Kidney Disease is called End Stage Renal Kidney (ESRD). With stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease, people usually have a group of complications and the followings are the common one.
Complication one:High blood pressure
High blood pressure is the most common complication, which may appear before Chronic Kidney Disease develops into end stage. Damaged kidneys will generate large amount of renin which will cause the increase of blood pressure through a series of reactions. High blood pressure is especially harmful for us as it can cause further damage to our kidneys. Therefore, avoid the occurrence of high blood pressure is of significant for people suffering from Chronic Kidney DiseaseCKD Stage 3 Treatment and CKD Stage 4 Treatment
Complication two: Excessive fluid in our body
One of the most important functions of kidney is to excrete the excessive water existing in our body. Since kidneys are damaged, excessive fluids in our body can not be excreted smoothly and causing accumulations of them in our body. Excessive fluid in our body can give rise to swelling in our face, around our eyelids or inside of ankle. Therefore, to avoid worsening swelling, people suffering from swelling should limit the intake of water.
Complication three: Anemia(Anemia and Kidney Disease)
Another complication of Chronic Kidney Disease is anemia which means the blood red cell value in blood lower than the normal value. Mild anemia may have no influence on our human; however, if anemia becomes serious, then weakness, fatigue and short of breath will appear.
Complications four: Hyperkalemia
Potassium is a kind of mineral substance, excessive of which usually are excreted though our kidneys. Potassium play an important part during our normal life; however, too much of them will put us in danger. People suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease may have no symptoms at all if there is too much potassium in their body, so it may occur without our consciousness. To avoid Hyperkalemia, people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease should know about the potassium volume in different vegetables or fruits.Can Stage 5 Kidney Failure Be Cured by Dialysis and What Can Be Done for CKD Stage 5 Caused By Hypertension

Apart form these complications, people with stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease may suffer from some other complications as bone disease. All these complications are caused by impaired renal function, so to avoid suffering from them, people with Chronic Kidney Disease should receive effective treatment as soon as possible. for more information, please email to me or consult our consultant online.

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