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Five Prominent Features of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Dilate blood vessels and alleviate the ischemia and anoxia situation of the kidneys.
In order to survive and function soundly, functional cells of the kidneys must get enough blood and oxygen supply. And the best method for alleviating ischemia and anoxia situation of the kidneys is to dilate blood vessels and enhance the speed of blood flow. Researches have shown that Chinese medicines are natural and effective materials of expanding blood vessels. When effective ingredients of Chinese medicine reach the kidneys, they will suppress the secretion of renin (renin can lead to the contract of blood vessels) and relax smooth muscles of blood vessels. By this, the blood circulation will become more smoothly, and the supply of blood and oxygen, as well as the supply of nutrient materials to kidney functional cells will be guaranteed.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for CKD
Anti-inflammation and eliminating the inflammatory response of functional cells
Common symptoms of kidney diseases are caused by inflammatory responses of the kidneys. Further studies have proven that inflammatory responses of the kidneys are automatic actions of functional cells for the purpose of protecting themselves from infections. However, excessive responses will lead to further damages to these cells. Common damages caused by over-reacted responses include the decline of function, rupture or even apoptosis of functional cells, which in turn give rise to excessive activity of thrombcytes. After entering into the body, effective ingredients of Chinese medicine suppress the formalization of inflammatory mediators and inactivate these existing ones. As to this effect and when compared with western medicines, Chinese medicine seems uncompetitive in terms of efficiency, however, Chinese medicines aims at promoting the whole body’s immunity to protect the body from getting further infections. The overall improvement of patient’s healthy condition is the guarantee of a long-term cure.
Anti-coagulation and degrading thrombosis within the blood vessels
The excessive reaction of thrombcytes will lead to thrombosis within the blood vessels, which adds more obstacles for blood circulation. Effective ingredients inactivate these thrombcytes and gradually degrade these existing thromboses.
Alleviating the deposition of fat and sugar.Where Can I Get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Looking for Acupressure Points for Renal Failure
Excessive intake of fat and sugar will lead to the deposition of them on blood vessel walls. And the increased viscosity of fat and sugar in blood also makes it more difficult to infiltrate blood. Effective ingredients of Chinese medicine prevents the deposition of these substances and inactive the inflammations caused by the deposition of sugar and fat. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Stage 5 Kidney Disease and Is Kidney Transplant a Must with Kidney Failure
Degrading extracellular matrix
The proliferation of extracellular matrix is one of the methods kidney cells use to protect themselves from infection. But excessive proliferation of extracellular matrix not only occupy functional cells’ space but also give more pressure to healthy cells, and gradually lead to damages to functional cells. effective ingredients enhance the degradation of these extracellular matrix as well as these reversible fibroblast and prevent them from transforming into myofibroblast, which plays an important role in generating collagens I and III that are very hard for degrading.

No matter what kind of treatment is adopted, these five curative effects must be achieved in order to achieve a more satisfying treating result.

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