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Why Do People with Chronic Kidney Disease Have Does Frequent Urination Mean Kidney Disease at Night

As one of an important organ, our kidneys can help to produce urine. However, for people suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, they usually have frequent urination at night. Well then, how do these urines is formed? Why do they have this symptom at night?
People with Chronic Kidney Disease always complain that they have to get up to urinate for several times at night and this has a close relationship with our activities. Usually, some of our blood will flow through our kidneys and there are large amount of nutrient substances in our blood. In days, we have to work, do every kind of activities, so we need a lot of energy and nutrient substances to meet the demand of our body. Mostly, our muscles get these necessary substances from our blood and that is to say, in days, most of the blood flows are used to meet the demand of our activities. However, at night, we live in a dormant state and our muscles do not need so much nutrient substances as in days, so the most of the blood flows are used to meet the demand of our viscera, including kidneys. As we know our kidneys have function of producing urine which actually is the excessive fluid existing in our blood. Therefore, as the blood flow getting into kidneys increases, then the generation of urine will increase as well.Does Frequent Urination Mean Kidney Disease
In general, the fluid filtrated out by glomerulus are reabsorbed by renal tubule. For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, their renal tubule has been damaged and can not play its function again. As a result, the fluids are excreted, which forms urine.

Apart from frequent urination at night, people with Chronic Kidney Disease may also suffer from hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease) which includes gross hematuria and microscopic hematuria in clinic. Urination changes are just some of the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease, and if you want to know more, you can leave message to me or consult our consultant online.

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