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Is Your Edema Caused By Chronic Kidney Disease

It is known to all that patients with Chronic kidney Disease usually have edema. However, can edema indicate that someone have Chronic Kidney Disease? The answer is of course not.
Edema can be aroused through different diseases such as Right Heart Failure, Cirrhosis, Nephritic Syndrome and Dermatomyositis and so on. According to the causes of edema, edema can be mainly divided into five types: renal edema, cardiac edema, hepatic edema, nutritional edema and general edema resulted from various reasons. Any kinds of edema has its own characteristics and through analyze them, I believe you can find out whether your edema is caused by Chronic Kidney Disease.
● Renal edema(Facial Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome): Edema caused by Chronic Kidney Disease usually first appears in parts with loose structures as eyelid, face and ankle. It peak in the morning and with the deterioration of Chronic Kidney Disease, it may appear in lower limbs and even the whole body. Another dominant trait of renal edema is when we press the skin, and then the part we pressed will be sunken.
● Cardiac edema: Cardiac edema usually arises from Right Hear Failure and Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis. The characteristic of it is it usually starts from lower limbs and then over the body. Severe cases can lead to ascites and hydrothorax. Formation of edema is slow and obvious increase of venous pressure is the major diagnosis evidence of it.Can Pulmonary edema Cause Low Grade Fever in ESRD
● Hepatic edema: Generally speaking, edema caused by hepatic disease first appears in ankle and then extends upward. Upper limbs and face usually have no edema.Pitting Edema in Kidney Failure Caused by Dehydration
● Nutritional edema: Vitamin B1 deficiency and hypoproteinemia, which resulted from long-term nutritional deficiency and Chronic Consumptions, usually can result in edema. For this kind of edema, it usually spreads from foot to the whole body.Bilateral Pedal Edema with Diabetic Nephropathy
● General edema: This kind of edema can be caused by many diseases and it usually appears around the whole body.
Edema not always indicates that someone has Chronic Kidney Disease and these are the chief characteristic or differences among different kinds of edema. Through analyze them; I think you can figure out whether your edema is caused by Chronic Kidney Disease. If you want to know more about edema or other information, you are welcome to email to me or consult our consultant online.

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