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Why Does People with Chronic Kidney Disease Has Less Urine

It is common that people with Chronic Kidney Disease usually have changed urination which includes less urine, hematuria, foamy urine and so on. Among these symptoms, you may know hematuria is caused by the leakage of red cells from blood vessels and foamy urine arises from the great loss of protein which finally get into the urine and then lead to foamy urine, but you may not know why do people with Chronic Kidney Disease has less urine?
We all know our kidneys have function of producing urine and according to the water volume in our body, they will regulate the urine volume. As to healthy people, when blood flow into kidneys, glomerulus will filtrate these fluid and at the same time produce dilute urine. Moreover, about ninety nine percent of excreted fluid will be absorbed by renal tubules. Dilute urine and one percent of excreted fluid are discharged then, leading to the formation of urine. This is the normal condition in our body.Is Pink Urine Normal in CKD Stage 3 What Does Blood in Urine Mean in ESRD Patient Urine Changes in Stage 3 CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) Do Pods Make Your Urine Foamy in Kidney Disease Patients
For people with Chronic Kidney Disease, less urine may result from damages of glomerulus, damages of renal tubules or damages of glomerulus and renal tubules. In our body, filtration function is performed by glomerulus and if glomerulus is damaged, maybe less of the fluid will be filtrated out. However, if renal tubules still keep be normal at that time, then almost all the fluid excreted by glomeruli will be absorbed and as a result, no or less urine was generated. Another condition is if glomerulus keep be normal and renal tubules are damaged, then maybe renal tubules will absorb all the fluid excreted by glomerulus. Consequently, less urine is produced. The last condition is although renal tubules are damaged, which means they can not absorb too much fluid, glomeruli are damaged as well. Damaged glomeruli can not filter too much fluid, and as a result, less urine is generated.

Less urine is just one of the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease, so if people want to relieve it effectively, then receiving treatment as early as possible is best solution for them. For more information, please email to me or consult our consultant online.

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