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Why Do People with Uremia Have Poor Appetite

It is common that people with uremia usually have anorexia, no matter how great appetite they have before. Many people feel puzzled about this, then, why do people with uremia have this symptom?
Actually, anorexia can be caused bay many reasons such as decreased gastrointestinal motility, dysfunction of gastrointestinal tract and poor test of foods. Then, what are the causes of anorexia for patients with uremia?
First of all, dysfunction of gastrointestinal tract is one of the reasons for patients with uremia to have poor appetite. We all know patients with uremia have decreased glomerular filtration rate, which means their kidneys can not help them to remove waste products smoothly. Among these waste products, some of them are poisonous and due to the retention of these toxic substances in their body, damages in other organs such as gastrointestinal tract will appear. As a result, dysfunction of gastrointestinal tract will appear.
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Meanwhile, due to the accumulation of waste products in their body, decreased gastrointestinal motility and gastroparesis will also appear.Can Stage 5 Kidney Failure Be Cured by Dialysis How Long Does It Take to Get from Stage 3 to Stage 5 Renal Failure Medicines for Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Flu
Moreover, dialysis can also affect patients’ appetite in different degree. It is well known that our kidneys can help us remove metabolism from our body. However, for patients with uremia, their kidneys have lost almost all their function, so they usually have to do dialysis to keep them live a normal life. Usually, during dialysis or after undergoing dialysis, patients’ cardiovascular Immunotherapy will become unstable, which have a bad influence on patients’ digestive tract. As a result, symptoms such as nausea and vomit appear, leading to poor appetite.

Poor appetite is common in our daily life and it has a direct relationship with the intake of protein or other nutrient substances. Therefore, we should change this situation quickly by cooking different foods or doing some exercises which may improve our appetite. For patients with uremia, even if they do not like eating, they should try to ingest enough nutrient substances, so as to meet the demand of their body.

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