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Early Symptoms of Renal Insufficiency

Renal Insufficiency is the later period of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). In clinic, when Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) runs to Renal Insufficiency, due to the difference of symptoms and assay indexes, Renal Insufficiency can be separated into four stages which refer to compensatory stage, decompensatory stage, renal failure stage and uremia stage.
Renal Insufficiency can not be formed overnight. It results from the long-term effects of pathogenic factors. Many studies have demonstrated that there are no sensory nerves in our kidneys, so in the early stage of Chronic Kidney Disease, it is hard for patients to feel out its existence. When some symptoms such as serious anemia, vomit, and nausea appear, actually, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease have been in a very dangerous condition.Chronic Kidney Failure Treatment Options
Although the development of Chronic Kidney Disease is more hidden, in the early stage of Renal Insufficiency there still exist some signs.
Feeling sleepy, fatigue, pale complexion and lower appetite all are the early symptoms of Renal Insufficiency and almost one hundred percent of patients in early stage of Renal Insufficiency have these symptoms. At the same time, these symptoms are the most overlooked signs for people with Renal Insufficiency because people always misunderstand these symptoms as the performance of overstrain. Therefore, people with Chronic Kidney Disease should do renal function test regularly.CKD Stage 3 Treatment and CKD Stage 4 Treatment
In addition, high blood pressure and swelling also are the dominant symptoms. We all know kidneys have excretion function. When our kidneys are damaged, excessive water and sodium will accumulate in our body, causing swelling. Swelling usually first appears in face, eyes and then lower limbs. Moreover, when renal damage appears, our kidneys can excrete some substances which will increase our blood pressure.Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease
Moreover, urinary change also is a symptom which is easy to be perceived. These changes conclude foamy urine, darken urinary color, and discomfort of urination and so on.

These are the early symptoms of Renal Insufficiency; however, not all the patients have these symptoms, so patients with CKD should do examination regularly.

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