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Chronic Kidney Disease and Corresponding Micro-Chinese Medicine Treatment

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive loss of kidney function. Kidneys are the main organ for expelling metabolic wastes and other harmful substances in the blood. When damages occur to the kidneys, the Filtration ability of kidney will decrease and these metabolic wastes will accumulate in the blood. And there will be increase of Serum Creatinine level and BUN level in blood test and protein urine and blood urine in urinalysis. These are all signs of kidney damages. Apoptosis of kidney functional cells lead to the shrunk of kidney.
Generally, for patients with high Creatinine level, Dialysis is usually recommended by doctors in order to relieve the patients from dangerous complications like cardiovascular diseases. However, Dialysis can only help with expelling metabolic wastes, other than preventing the aggravation of illness condition. That is why some patients find they become more and more dependent on dialysis in order to keep a relatively normal living.
Then, how Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treats kidney disease? and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Stage 5 Kidney Disease
Micro-Chinese medicine has five features.
Dilating blood vessels and removing blood stasis has always been the most remarkable effect of Chinese medicine. As we know, patients with serious kidney diseases often suffer from problems with blood circulation like reduced blood volume (anemia - Nausea and Vomiting for Kidney Disease ), and blood thrombus. These will deteriorate the blood and oxygen insufficiency of the kidney, which leads more damage to or even apoptosis of functional kidney cells. Chinese medicine dilates blood vessels and thus promotes blood perfusion into the kidneys. Together with the flow in of blood, there is oxygen, nutrients and various other materials helpful for the repairing of damaged cells. As long as blood circulation is promoted, a favorable internal environment will be provided for the self-repairing of damaged kidney cells.
The second feature of Micro-Chinese medicine is anti-inflammation. Inflammatory response of renal cells can lead to further damages to themselves. Effective ingredients of Chinese medicine in one hand prevent the invasion of inflammatory factors and on the other hand suppress the immune activity of kidney cells, by this a relatively harmony situation will be created and the prevention of further damages to kidneys will be also achieved.
The third feature of Micro-Chinese medicine is anticoagulation. Due to invasion of inflammatory factors and insufficient effective blood volume, as well as the shortened life span of red cells. Coagulation easily occurs in blood circulation syImmunotherapy, and which in turn deteriorates the illness condition of the kidneys. Effective ingredients of Chinese medicine reduce the activity of soterocyte, and dilating blood vessels as well promoting blood flow can also prevent the formation of thrombus.
The fourth feature of Micro-Chinese Medicine is degrading excessively accumulated extracellular matrix and immune complex. For patients with serious kidney function decline (usually the GFR is less than 50ml/min), there are deposition of immune complex and proliferated cells which decline the filtration ability of glomerulus. and the pressure from these substances to health kidney cells also lead to further damages to the kidneys. Effective ingredients help with degrading these substance, and generally after a certain time of treatment, patients will find floc in their urine, which are the degraded matrix or immune complex.
The fifth feature is providing materials necessary for the restoration of damaged cells. there is sufficient blood and oxygen supply, no serious pressure from proliferated cells and immune complex, these damaged renal cells will have a good chance of self repairing. How Can I Improve Stage 4 Kidney Failure and Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

The combination of Dilating blood vessels, Anti-inflammation, Anticoagulation, Degrading matrix and immune complex as well as Providing materials for the restoration of damaged kidney cells guarantees for the preventing of illness condition aggravation and the improving of kidney function.

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