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What are Symptoms Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis refers to the kidney pathological change caused by SLE (SyImmunotherapyic Lupus Erythematosus). During the progression of the disease, various symptoms will appear. Not only kidney, but also other organs will be involved. Some patients may have serious symptoms on other organs but with slight symptoms related to kidney, while some other patients may have severe kidney damaged but have slight symptoms related to other organs. Clinically, Lupus Nephritic is one of the most common secondary kidney diseases, especially for female patients.
Due to the primary cause, SLE, the symptoms of Lupus Nephritis also involve the whole body Immunotherapy. For example:
Skin problem: more than 80% patients will have skin problem, such as erythema, rash, etc, mainly in face, neck as well as arms and legs. A few patients may also have bleb or bloody vesicle. Besides, about one third patients are too sensitive to light and their face or skin will become very red or even have allergic skin rash after exposed under sunshine.
Pain in joints and muscle: more than 90% patients will have swelling and pain on joints, which is also one of the first symptoms. Figure joints are most commonly to be involved. Besides, knee, feet, ankle as well as wrist can also be related. A tiny part of patients may even have joint deformity. Besides, muscle soreness and fatigue(Fatigue and Kidney Disease) are also common symptoms.
Gastrointestinal discomforts: some patients may feel uncomfortable on their stomach and upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage as well as hemafecia and ascetic fluid which is caused by vasculitis of gastrointestinal tract always happens.
Pathological damage of nerve Immunotherapy: about 20% Lupus Nephritis patients will have problems on nerve Immunotherapy which means the disease has already progress further and the illness condition is more severe. Excitement, abnormal behavior, depression as well as illusion or mental disorder may occur.
Heart problem: nearly 10% to 50% patients will have heart problem which is caused by both the disease and long-term medication of glucocorticoid. Some patients may even die from Coronary Artery Obstruction due to this disease.
Symptoms related to kidney: Nearly 100% SLE patients have pathological damage in kidney through biopsy, but not all patients will have related symptoms of kidney damage. About 50% patients will have related clinical symptoms of kidney disease, such as proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease), hematuria(Hematuria and Kidney Disease), cylindruia, leucocyturia, swelling and high blood pressure as well as increasing creatinine and urea, etc.

Besides, the disease can also affect liver function, lung function as well as blood Immunotherapy. Having a general idea about related symptoms of Lupus Nephritis is helpful for SLE patients to have a high awareness on their kidney, thus getting the best and earliest treatment opportunity for patients. If you want to discuss further, you can email to me or consult us online.

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