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How to Treat Nephritic Syndrome without Dialysis

Nephritic syndrome (hereafter referred as NS) is one of the hardest medical problems in current world. In recent years, some achievement has been made in Nephritic Syndrome treatment; however, for those who are suffering from this disease, it has no practical and significant changes.
And with the deterioration of human environment, and the speedup of pace of life, the incidence of Nephritic Syndrome increases every day. There are at least 100 Nephritic Syndrome patients every one million people. As to the treatment of Nephritic Syndrome, dialysis therapy is the most common method. It is known to all that dialysis brings pain to patients, moreover, it costs much. Then how to treat Nephritic Syndrome without dialysis? We will analyze this problem in this article.
Referring to late Nephrotic Syndrome, we can not well avoid mentioning the related hematodialysis and hormonotherapy, which are the most popular treatments at present.
However, popular is unequal to functional, treatment is unequal to recovery. Although people have improved these two therapies for many times, it is still difficult to have a qualitative change, resulting from the inherent objective defects.
How to Treat NS without Dialysis?
There are one set of scientific methods of treating Nephritic Syndrome­ in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital ­— Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This is a brand new scientific method, which is worked out by the generations of young-aged, middle-aged, and old- aged researchers, through years of clinical practice.
The active material of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is taken into renal area by microwave from outside of the body, on one hand, it will supply reparative factors for the intrinsic renal cells to promote the restoration; on the other hand, the active materials will inactive the inflammatory mediator, block the inflammatory reaction, and bring about the condition for intrinsic renal cells’ restoration. Many chronic nephritis patients are cured with this method, and the disease progression is delayed.
Characteristic Chinese medicine permeates into patients’ kidney and circulates with blood throughout the body, which can comprehensively adjust patients’ immune function so as to prevent from producing so much pathogenic immune complex, besides, play the following four roles:
I. Dilate the blood vessels, improve the renal and whole body blood circulation, expand the arteries at different levels of renal and body, so as to improve the ischemia and anoxia of kidney, and contain the progression of renal fibrosis from the very beginning.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for CKD
II. Anti-inflammation, reduce the inflammatory reaction harm towards glomerular intrinsic cell. The large amount of inflammatory factors and renal toxicity factors will accelerate the progression of renal fibrosis and quicken the damage of renal intrinsic cells. We shall contain the further damage by resolving the inflammatory reactions.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Stage 5 Kidney Disease
III. Anticoagulation, dissolve the micro-thrombus inside glomerulus caused by blood coagulation hyperfunction. The micro-Chinese medicine active materials will strengthen the activity of lysosomal enzyme, so as to accelerate the degradation of extracellular matrix hyperplasia, and make room and requirement for the renal intrinsic cell restoration.
IV. Degradation, to degrade the deposited immune complex, necrotic tissue, abnormally proliferate extracellular matrix. It can also provide restoring material for the damaged intrinsic glomerulus cells, which has hardly any toxic and side-effect.
After Immunotherapyatical treatment, many pathogenic factors like damage of intrinsic glomerulus cells will be dispelled entirely, which will recover the glomerulus function, eliminate proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) and edema(Swelling and Kidney Disease), and control hypoproteinemia and hyperlipemia.

In order to cure Nephritic Syndrome thoroughly and decrease the recurrence rate, experts suggested the treatment should be going on even after some symptom disappeared. The patient should consolidate the treatment without relax, Don’t miss the treatment chance. We believe the disease can be reversed as long as you grasp the reversible period of blocking-up and restoration treatment.

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