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DC Electric Drug Ions Osmotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

DC electric drug ions osmotherapy
Early in the 1990s, there was an innovative applying method for traditional Chinese medicines, which is the DC electric drug ions osmotherapy. The functional principle of this method is as follows.
The operating principle is that under the action of DC electric, substances of Chinese medicine solution will be dissociated into ions. Under the effect of DC electric field and based on the principle of ‘like charge repel each other, unlike charges attract’, drug ions will gradually osmoses through skin into the body. After entering into the body, some ions will loss their charges and transform into atoms or molecules. Then, these effective ingredients of Chinese medicine will take effect to resolve lesions. And later on, this method was further improved. In order to guarantee that drug ions will directly concentrate on tissue lesions instead of wandering to other organs after their entering into the body, acupuncture point Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was invented. Though this improvement makes the effective ingredient of Chinese medicine being more targeted at tissue lesions, clinical practices have proven that only 30% of patients can expect a satisfying curative effect, and the prevailing disadvantage of traditional Chinese medicine therapy of being tardive in taking effect is still unsolved.Is Kidney Transplant a Must with Kidney Failure
Given that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy relieve patients of long-term taking Chinese medicine orally, which usually lead to problems with digestive Immunotherapy, let alone the bitter and astringent taste of decocted Chinese medicines. In addition, this method won’t cause any pain or hurt to patients. To fully investigate the reason why this method can not take effect quickly, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital entrusted the authority medical department to conduct examinations of this method. On October, 2002, the examination result show that only 5% of all medical effective ingredients can osmose into the subcutaneous tissues, and only 2% of which can actually get to kidney lesion through blood micro-circulation. Of cause, it is impossible for these few effective ingredients to fight against kidney lesions.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Stage 5 Kidney Disease
The following researches show that effective ingredients of herb and animal chinese medicines are micro-molecular substance, and it is difficult to dissociate them into ions, with a maximum of 10%. In addition, effective ingredients have to go through various ‘customs pass’, which refers to the cytophagic syImmunotherapy and glomerular filtration syImmunotherapy. In fact, the filtration membrane is only 40 micro-level. Obviously, in order to tackle with these problems we firstly need to make the effective ingredients fully released, and secondly make them avoid the hunt of phagocyte, and thirdly make them capable of passing through filtration membrane. And all of these problems can be resolved by one technique, which is Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy.
An effective ingredient of Chinese medicine’s being hunted by phagocyte and incapable of passing through filtration membrane is due to their relatively large size.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for CKD
Under the help of experts, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital adopted the Micro-change Technique, which can not only fully release the effective ingredients of Chinese medicines (70% of effective ingredients can be released), but also shatter these ingredients into micro-molecular substance of 15-20 micro-level in diameter. And these effective ingredients can steer by the hunt of phagocyte and successfully pass through filtration membrane. In addition, under the support of microwave permeameter, these effective ingredients can fully osmose into the body.
What is more, micro-change process enhances the activation of effective ingredients by recombining the broken molecular chains of Chinese medicines.

After reaching kidney lesions, effective ingredients will degrade these deposited immune complexes on basement membrane and pathologically changed tissues.

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