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How to Inhibit the Fibrosis Process of Kidney Disease?

First, expand the vessel to make the kidneys be capable of storing enough blood and oxygen. The lack of blood and oxygen is the chief culprit of renal fibrosis.
Secondly, apply anti-inflammatory treatment. It is to prevent inflammation from damaging the kidneys.
Thirdly, clear away the rubbish in the kidneys. It can make the blood circulates well.
Finally, degrade the fibrous tissue ECM. Only in this way, can the condition be reversed.
To repair the diseased kidneys is a Immunotherapyic work, which will last long.
When there exists cicatricial tissue, the disease become irreversible.
The Micro-Chinese Medicine can just be effective to the revive of nephron. It is of no help to the cicatricial tissue.
In view of the above, to what extent does the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat the renal disease?
When the inflammation takes place, the renal fibrosis has damaged the renal inherent badly and have influenced the Glomerular filtration membrane. When the permeability of the membrane increases, proteinuria(Proteinuria and Kidney Disease) and blood urine. The characteristic of this period is the serious damage caused by the inflammation. Because of the compensation of the glomeruli, the toxin can go out soon without any symptoms; the disease is always ignored clinically. If patients can receive normal treatment, the disease caused by the fibrosis can be cured.
During the forming of renal fibrosis, the inflammation worsens the damaging to the nephridial tissue. So besides expanding vessel, anti-inflammation, and anticoagulation therapy, we mainly focus on the degrading of the ECM. If it goes well, the Micro-Chinese Medicine can block the pathologic damage,(not including the cicatricial tissue). The disease can be reversible and some of the patients will heal.

In the end-stage, there formed a lot of cicatricial tissue, and the kidneys shrink badly. If there form 1000ml urine in the body, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can revive the damaged nephrones. Thus, the patients can reduce the frequency of the dialysis, and even stop dialysis at all.

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