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Combining Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Together

Combining Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Together
For most patients with kidney problems, they have now become more acknowledged with relative information and possess a more clear and objective viewpoint about their kidney problems. The goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. However, neither western nor traditional Chinese medicines can individually achieve this relatively unambitious expectation. And this is because that both western and traditional Chinese medicine therapy has its own advantages and deficiencies. Then, is there any way to combine their advantages together and achieve a relatively better curative effect? The answer is confirmative.
Large portion of kidney problems are caused by invasion of inflammatory cells to the kidneys, and the inflammatory response of intrinsic renal cells give rise to damages to kidney itself as well as various exterior symptoms, such as high blood pressure and swelling in loose parts of the body. And western medicines like angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are effective in suppressing immune Immunotherapy and prevent causing further damages to kidney parenchyma. But only by suppressing immune syImmunotherapy we can hardly inhibiting the worsening of kidney function, let alone restoring them. this is because that these already existed damages to kidney can easily lead to pathological changes of intrinsic renal cells and gradually launch the fibrosis progress of the kidneys. However, this is where traditional Chinese medicines can actually make a difference.
Traditional Chinese medicine therapy aims at tackling with the origin of kidney problems or, in another word, these existing damages. Traditional Chinese medicine therapy cherishes the idea of comprehensively improving the body’s immunity for the purpose of protecting the body from invasions of infection or virus. Inflammatory responses of kidney generally lead to the release of inflammatory factors, and the combining of antigen and antibody, namely immune complex, will gradually deposit on renal blood capillary walls, and cause damages to renal blood circulation Immunotherapy. Accompanied with the recession of renal cells, extracellular matrix will proliferate and press healthy kidney cells, which give rise to further damages to renal cells.Is Any Treatment Available for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4
Traditional Chinese medicine is effective in dilating blood vessels, and thus alleviates the hypertension situation. Traditional Chinese medicine also has anti-inflammation and anticoagulation effects. Above all, traditional Chinese medicine can provide materials that are necessary for the restoration of damaged intrinsic renal cells. if these damaged renal cells can be repaired , the disappearance of exterior symptoms will be something of certainty.How Can I Improve Stage 4 Kidney Failure and Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
However, Chinese medicine has long been preserved as being tardive in taking effect. And the reason is not that traditional Chinese medicine is incapable of curing kidney problems but that these obsolete applying methods can not guarantee the reaching of enough effective ingredients to renal foci. And, to be honest, the eliminating of symptoms through promoting the whole body immunity can not be that fast as through suppressing Immunotherapy. But you can tell by yourself about which method has a greater probability of effecting a permanent cure?
So, here comes the combination of western and traditional Chinese medicine therapy.Alternative to Prednisone for Kidney Disease Patients
Western medicine is used to control symptoms quickly and relieve the patient of various sufferings. Then, Chinese medicine can take up the responsibility of restoring these damaged renal cells and prevent the launching of fibrosis progress.

In addition, the invention of Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy resolves the prevailing disadvantage of traditional Chinese medicine as being tardive in taking effect.

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