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Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell for Kidney Disease

Stem Cell have self-renewing ability and multi-directional differentiation ability. Under certain conditions, they can differentiate into functional cells of various tissues like bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, heart, liver, and kidneys and so on. Though mesenchymal Stem Cell can not differentiate into hematopoietic cells, they also have effects like supporting hematopoiesis, rectifying Stem Cell and repairing damaged tissues.
Stem Cell can be drawn from various body tissues, but umbilical mesenchymal Stem Cell are featured by high quality, large quantity and being more pure
As to treating kidney problems, Stem Cell can really make a difference.
As we have already known, kidney disease if a progressive loss of renal function. And the loss of renal function is resulted from damages to kidney intrinsic cells. So for the purpose of restoring kidney function, there must be enough functional renal cells available. Umbilical cord Stem Cell can in the one hand repair these damaged cells and on the other hand differentiate into new functional cells. by these two ways, there will be relatively enough functional renal cell available to support the normal working of the kidneys.Is Stem Cell Therapy Really Possible for FSGS
As I have mentioned above, umbilical cord Stem Cell focus mainly on repairing and regenerating substantive tissues. So the taking effect of umbilical cord Stem Cell therapy for kidney diseases is efficient. However, the self-replication, corresponding differentiation, the repairing or replacing damaged functional cells are all time consuming, so generally the taking effect of Umbilical cord Stem Cell therapy usually takes six months. During this period of time, the aggravation of damages must be blocked. So the combination of Micro-Chinese medicine together with Stem Cell is highly recommended by doctors of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Know more about the effects of combining Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy together with Stem Cell Therapy, the due article is also available in this column.

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